The word "detailing" gets thrown around easily these days. Everyone seems to "detail".

We think of cosmetic care of a vehicle as having a more practical genesis: how do you use your vehicle? We work with our clients to understand their individual preferences and build a cosmetic care program that fits the lifestyle and the vehicle use of the client.

A daily-driver vehicle ought to have an initial investment made to bring it's condition up to an acceptable level, but should require minimal maintenance beyond the initial investment.  Keeping it looking right and protected against the elements are the key factors. We tailor our daily-driver cosmetic care programs to the taste of those who are driving the cars.

A showroom-level car takes more hours, more effort, and more investment in, and that investment will show when the car is finished. We spend a full day at least on every car we bring up to the showroom-level. We prefer to prep most auction cars to this level, because it brings the best return-on-investment.

Our concours-level offering requires significant investment in order to bring a car to the highest level. Several days are spent on the car during concours prep, and the car is expected to hold up to the highest standard at the Concours D'Elegance or Concorso event.


The Stables provides personalized cosmetic care services to discerning clients in our 20,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility. We offer several levels of cosmetic care tailored specifically to the needs of your car and the preferences of the owner.


This is our in-house intensive cleaning offering. It also forms the basis from which we start our higher-level work.


We start with a Detail, but we take it several steps further. We decontaminate paint surfaces (what some might call a "clay bar"), apply a coat of our chosen wax and sealant (tailored to the lifestyle of the owner/car), and go deeper in the interior and exterior cleanup of the details.


This is our top-of-the-line offering to bring cars to a Showroom level. Involves everything in a Driver's Cosmetic (and a Detail), but includes our in-depth paint-correction.


We bring our care, maintenance and management services to your home or office so your cars are serviced on schedule, fully operational and properly cleaned and preserved. Our programs are designed to free up your time, allowing you more opportunity to enjoy your automotive investments.


We cater our services to the needs and preferences of our distinguished clients. Our professionals come to your location---your home, work, or garage---on your schedule to maintain the cosmetic integrity of your vehicle.

We recommend to our clients a regular wash program, which provides the greatest flexibility and utility with managing busy schedules. Many of our clients prefer weekly or bi-weekly visits.


Wash wheels and tires
Rinse and cleanse body and all jambs
Vacuum interior and wipe down dash and gauges
Clean windows


Decontaminate painted surfaces
Polish exterior to maintain gloss
Apply wax and sealant to all painted surfaces
Vacuum all interior surfaces and trunk
Cleanse interior surfaces
Apply paint sealant to door jambs


Driver’s Cosmetic Service
Intensive paint correction process (will correct 85% of scratches and imperfections)
Comprehensive interior cleaning of all vents, scoops and creases
Steam extract carpets and upholstery
Clay and clean all jambs and apply sealant
Cleanse and protect all rubber seals, gaskets and trim components
Clay and apply sealant to wheel faces


Wet sanding & color sanding
Leather rejuvenation
Stone chip repair
Engine detailing
Wheel and suspension preparation
Undercarriage steam cleaning
New car delivery preparation

Clear bra and window tinting