The Scottsdale area hosts many auctions each January including Barrett-Jackson, Bonham's, Gooding & Co, RM Sotheby's, Russo & Steele and others. While these events are fun and lucrative, they can be hectic and difficult to manage for buyers and sellers. 

The Stables is a one-stop shop for vehicle transportation and logistics, storage and auction preparation. We will take delivery of your vehicle or vehicles at our convenient location in the Scottsdale airpark, just minutes from the auctions, prepare them for the auction and get them to the block on time. 

Once the auction begins, we will accompany and advise you on your best course of action. After the auction, we can take delivery of any new cars and manage transport to your home or warehouse. We can also manage any needs your new purchase may have including mechanical or detail work.



Proper aesthetic preparation of a vehicle is a major driving force behind bidder interest. Our experience shows a direct correlation between top-level cosmetic preparation and increased sale prices. We understand the seemingly paradoxical reality that when an owner prepares to sell a vehicle, the last thing that crosses the seller's mind is to spend more time and money on it.

We have identified several key cosmetic focus areas to ensure the vehicle looks its best when crossing the block.  In our experience, proper cosmetic preparation returns several times over in the ultimate sale price.


Presenting a vehicle at a Concours d'Elegance event can be a daunting task, even to the most seasoned automotive enthusiast. The numerous details can be exhausting: Vehicle registration to transportation to cosmetic preparation for judgment, followed by transportation to your garage or temporary storage to await transport.

The Stables can handle all aspects of the event, making sure all of the necessary documentation has been filed, arranging the transport to and from the event, as well as preparing the vehicle for the show and retouching the necessary areas after your car has been placed on field.

If you're showing a car at a Concours, your objective should be to enjoy the event and show off your prized possession---let The Stables' professionals ease the burden of the logistics and preparation. 



The Stables has affiliations with the finest professional, licensed and insured transportation companies in North America. Our years of experience transporting client’s vehicles around the country has led to developing an incredible network of transporters to provide on-time, cost effective solutions.

In addition to national transport, we can provide local vehicle shuttle services to and from auction and concours sites.